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Roseburg  Used Cars - The Most Unparalleled Collection

See a used car you like, below? Come down to 1650 N.E. Stephens Roseburg, Oregon for a test drive. If nothing is catching your eye today, be sure to check back tomorrow. Our constantly-evolving used car inventory is updated daily.

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About the used cars you'll find at Lithia Ford of Roseburg.

Among the many things Lithia Ford of Roseburg has going for it is our dud-free used car collection, featuring such reputable brands as Ford. Not many new Ford  or used car dealerships can make such a claim. Lithia Ford of Roseburg can, however, because we go over each car with the utmost scrutiny. If just one little thing doesn't add up, we remedy it before slapping a sticker on it. And, we don't just mean a temporary fix either - we mean the real deal. Furthermore, if the integrity of the used car is so compromised we can't make it like-new, we won't ever show it to you. Which means, regardless of which used car you choose at Lithia Ford of Roseburg, you're guaranteed to get the same upstanding quality and ultimately - long-term satisfaction.

Plus license and title, and $75 title and registration processing fee.  Not all sales at MSRP.  Only equipment basic to each model is listed.  Call or email for complete, specific vehicle information.  Factory incentives are subject to change and may depend on location of buyer's residence.