Tire Pressure Problems and How to Get It Fixed

Is your tire pressure low? If your tire pressure light comes on or just notice that you're riding rougher than usual, then you may be able to fill your tire up at the gas station and be on your way. Many times, tire pressure drops are caused by weather changes or even a missing stem cap.

However, if you are losing tire pressure after every trip and want to make sure that you don't blow out a tire from driving on it, you can get it patched relatively quickly. You may need to replace a tire that has been badly damaged before it's too late. Driving on a bad tire can increase damage to other parts of your vehicle including the rim and drivetrain.

If you want to get your car's tires looked at, why not go to a professional shop with a variety of services for different tire brands? You can talk to the team at Lithia Ford Lincoln of Roseburg for more information.



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