Ford F-150 Tough Features

Full-size pickup trucks make all sorts of claims to being tough, but the Ford F-150 backs them up. Rated one of the safest pickup trucks on the market today by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it gets you from place to place while making it easy to transport heavy objects.

What makes the Ford F-150 so tough? For one thing, it is made with an extremely strong, heat-treated aluminum alloy body similar to the kind used for military vehicles. The heat treatment makes it stronger while still making it 700 pounds lighter than the previous generation. On top of that is its fully-boxed steel frame that is 78% stronger than before, yet it still manages to be 60 pounds lighter than before!

Are you ready to put the Ford F-150 to the test? Give us a call at Lithia Ford Lincoln of Roseburg today to see just how tough it is.




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