You cannot get far without the right amount of power underneath the hood. Many know that the engine makes the car go forward. Few, however, understand the intricacies of a vehicle and how much the motor is dependent on other parts of the car to operate. Such is true of an all-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive auto’s transfer case

The transfer case is the portion of the car or truck that transports power from the vehicle’s transmission to its front and rear axles. Drive shafts are vital components of the transfer case since energy cannot be carried without these devices being attached to the car’s axles. The transfer case also synchronizes the rotation of the front wheels with its backside counterparts for a smoother and overall more balanced ride.

The average driver in Roseburg does not know when his transfer case requires attention. Such is the reason for keeping on task with all of your scheduled services. A licensed technician in our service center at Lithia Ford Lincoln of Roseburg can help you keep your car or truck in working order. Stop by today for assistance!

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