Without a properly-working transmission, your car won’t go very far. Transmissions provide the gears and other mechanisms that properly accelerate and decelerate your vehicle in the most efficient manner. Transmissions are also essential in controlling your engine’s revolutions per minute (RPMs), so it doesn’t overwork or redline.

Your transmission contains a special fluid that lubricates gears and other moving parts. The fluid also prevents the component from overheating. Over time, this fluid breaks down and collects microscopic particles that may actually increase transmission working temperature, build up clogs, and cause rough operation. This is why it’s important for you to change this fluid and clean your transmission on a regular basis.

Let our team at Lithia Ford Lincoln of Roseburg be your transmission specialists. Our price-friendly and quality service will ensure that your transmission is flushed and filled with the best quality ATM fluid for your vehicle, extending its life. Call us, and we’ll schedule your priority appointment today.

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