It makes sense to get your brake system inspected according to manufacturer recommendations. After all, your brakes play an important role in keeping all of your day-to-day travels safe. If your brakes are failing, you should know as quickly as possible so you can act before it becomes unsafe to drive. The service center at Lithia Ford Lincoln of Roseburg is here to assist you with all of your brake service needs. We have the expert service technicians you can rely on for excellent service and repairs.

How can you tell if your brakes are failing? There are a number of signs. Some of them include:

  • The brakes feel softy or spongy when you apply them
  • It takes longer than usual to stop
  • There is a grinding or squealing sound when you press on the brake pedal

Schedule your brake service with Lithia Ford Lincoln of Roseburg today, so you can be assured of a fully functional brake system.

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