Features of the Ford C-Max Hybrid

The Ford C-Max hybrid has now become one of the most popular compact hybrids offered for sale today. With economy in mind, this is still a very powerful vehicle that can reach speeds of up to 85 miles an hour on electric alone.

The Ford C-Max is compact and provides excellent fuel and battery power economy. Perfect for a long commute, you can use the regenerative braking and brake coach to maximize battery life. This system uses the power that would be lost from braking and stores it in your battery. 

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Ford F-150 Tough Features

Full-size pickup trucks make all sorts of claims to being tough, but the Ford F-150 backs them up. Rated one of the safest pickup trucks on the market today by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it gets you from place to place while making it easy to transport heavy objects.

What makes the Ford F-150 so tough? For one thing, it is made with an extremely strong, heat-treated aluminum alloy body similar to the kind used for military vehicles. The heat treatment makes it stronger...


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The New Ford Explorer Comes With Many Technology Features

If you are in the market for a three-row SUV that comes packed with technology features, the new Ford Explorer might be one vehicle you need to take a closer look at today.

Once you get the new Explorer out on the highway, you can test the adaptive cruise control system. Choose your speed, then the radar scans the road ahead making sure nothing is moving slower than your vehicle. If so, the brakes are slowly powered down to keep a safe distance, then speed resumes after road ahead is clear.

The enhanced active park assist feature makes parking your…
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The Ford Escape Has State of the Art Features

One of the most popular three-row SUVs on the market, the Ford Escape continues to evolve with the times as it provides state of the art features that drivers are sure to find useful and enjoyable.

With the Intelligent Access key on your person (as in your pocket or in a bag), all you have to do is touch the car's handle to gain entry into your vehicle. Press the brake pedal and push the start button, and you're set. 

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2018 Ford Fiesta – 21st Century Power and Performance

In Roseburg, performance and safety is taken very seriously, especially when it comes to our vehicles. Ford is a popular brand in this town, and for good reason – they’ve been a leader in performance and safety since pretty much the start of the automotive industry.

Ford’s kept up this tradition of innovations with the 2018 Fiesta. With smart, modulated torque, it can prevent wheel slippage, loss of control and the like even on bad roads or in the worst weather conditions.  

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Ford Flex Technology Features Help You Stay Safe on the Road

When you’re driving, safety is probably a number one priority. The popular three-row Ford Flex midsize SUV comes with technology features that help you stay safe, whether you’re driving in the city or the country.

If you drive on busy roads, you know that cross-traffic can come out of nowhere. That’s where the Ford Flex’s BLIS with Cross-Traffic Alert system comes into play. This system uses radar technology to find cars in your blind spot or behind your vehicle; then, it sends you an alert so you can proceed safely..

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Technology Features Packed in the All-New Ford Edge

The new Ford Edge is again being recognized as a popular midsize SUV that has drivers excited about all the technology features.

With so many distractions all over the roads, you need all the help that you can get to stay safe. The Edge comes with the Lane-Keeping System that helps drivers stay within the lane lines on the highway. If the vehicle begins to drift out of the lane, the steering wheel is going to vibrate and alert the driver that they need to take corrective action to stay safe.

On the highway, the Edge uses BLIS technology for…

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Learn More about the Ford Fusion Energi

The Ford Fusion receives an electric hybrid in 2018 that gets amazing mileage and has technology that makes it one of the safest midsize sedans to drive currently. The Fusion Energi was built to be a plug-in electric hybrid that has SmartGauge with Ecoguide to help you measure your energy usage right on the dash. There are a lot of ways that you can customize your control center, including alerts for brakes, lane departure assist, parking, and much more.

The infotainment system in the Energi is also unrivaled by competitors. SYNC 3 is Ford's premium infotainment system.

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How the Ford Transit Connect Focuses on People

The Ford Transit Connect provides flexible seating for five passengers in the short-wheelbase models or up to seven for the long wheelbase. You can also fold down the rear seatbacks to gain up to 104.2 cu. ft. of storage in the longer version. Loading becomes easy with the standard dual sliding side doors.

Get the interior comfortable before anyone arrives with the optional Remote Start System that can pre-warm or pre-cool the interior. When you’re handing off the key to another driver, you can limit their top speed and radio volume with the MyKey® personalization features.

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Drivers Are Going to Be Impressed with The All-New Ford Taurus

If you are looking for your next car and want a sedan that not only looks good but is also safe and reliable with all of the industry's best technology built right in then you need to look no further than the all-new Taurus from Ford.

Drivers of the all-new Taurus are going to enjoy a long list of technology benefits that include:

So if you want these features on your next car and would like to see them in person then head on over to our showroom here at Lithia Ford Lincoln of Roseburg and test drive the…

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